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Your Guide To Buying New Garage Doors

Perhaps you just bought a new house, and the garage is looking old, tired, shaking, or squeaking, and you’re thinking of getting a new one.

Or maybe, you’ve been living in your home for several years, and it’s now time to change your old garage door.

No matter the case, it is imperative to consider various factors before heading to the seller. Today, there are many garage doors, and knowing the right type that suits your needs may not be easy. Using the guide below will help you find a suitable garage door.

Determine Your Budget

Garage door costs vary depending on the type, materials, styles, size, and various features. However, you don’t have to go for an expensive one if you’re working on a budget.

The first step is to determine your budget for the garage door. If you want a valuable and durable door, you need to set aside a good amount of money.

When you visit the seller, ask for the price list of different garage doors and see the one that matches your budget and needs. Some doors may have a relatively small price difference. In this case, it is imperative to ask the salesman to show you a door that suits your needs and budget.

Remember, while a durable door is more expensive, it’d be best to go for it rather than buying one that will last for a few years. But this isn’t limited to your choice as long as you buy a garage door within your budget.

Consider the Door Size

There are different garage door sizes in the market. You need to identify one that fits the garage space. This is easier if you already have an existing garage door. Just take the measurements of the existing door and go with them to the seller. If you’re constructing a new garage or remodeling the existing one, then take the measurements too.

Taking accurate measurements will guide the salesman in getting you the right door size. It is also crucial to keep the measurements since the contractor will use the size to determine the installation cost.

Sometimes, you may not get the right garage door size, but this shouldn’t be a problem. You can have one custom-made to suit your needs.

Choose a Suitable Style

The style you choose for your garage door depends on your home’s architectural finishing. With many styles in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right garage door. However, you can break down your needs to enable you to choose the appropriate style. Below are the available styles to choose from.

• Traditional raised panel
If you want a simple design, then a traditional garage door will be a suitable option. This door is simple with a universal appeal and tends to do well with ranch homes. It is a popular style found in most homes, and it is available in different colors and materials. You can be sure that this door type will match the architectural finishing of your home and enhance its overall appearance.

• Carriage style door
These are also popular styles in most garages, and they are suitable for ranch houses. Carriage doors come in various styles with detailed exteriors and can boost your home’s curb appeal, making it appear valuable.

Older carriage styles were made from wood, but the current ones are similar to standard doors and still offer the same decorative look and charming beauty.

• Contemporary or modern
Contemporary doors have classic functional components and clean lines. The door can easily blend with your home’s architectural finishing because of its streamlined look.

Steel and aluminum are the most common contemporary doors and are suitable for mid-century and modern style homes.

Garage Door Material

This is one of the most considered factors when choosing garage doors. With a variety of garage door materials in the market today, you will need to choose one that matches personal preferences, climatic conditions of your location, your visual taste, and budget. The materials range from steel, wood, Fiberglas, vinyl, and aluminum. Here are the available materials.

• Steel
Steel is a popular garage door because of its several benefits. It is safe, strong, durable, rustproof, and affordable with little maintenance. You can paint steel doors to match the architectural finishing of your home.

Steel does not crack or warp. It can be a good investment in your property. However, it has various drawbacks. It can dent and has poor insulation.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to repair a steel garage door. In this case, it is best to consider buying one with a lower gauge number because they are thicker and less susceptible to denting.

• Wood
Wood garage doors are the real deal for most homeowners because they give homes a rustic appearance. They are the second common type after steel doors.

Nothing beats the look and feel of having a wooden garage door. They have a beautiful appearance, energy-efficient, and reduce outside noise.

Wood garage doors are worth an investment, especially when you plan to use the garage for other things apart from parking your car.

• Fiberglass
Fiberglass garage doors come with various architectural styles that boost your home’s curb appeal. They provide value and beauty to your property.

Fiberglass is suitable for people considering less maintenance and high durability. They are strong, high quality, and engineered with a molded wood-grain surface with a steel framework.

• Aluminum
If you want a more modern look, then an aluminum garage door will be your ideal choice. They are corrosion-free with clear gall and acrylic panels but still even more affordable.

Their appearance gives a striking aesthetic to your property, making it appear beautiful. Also, aluminum garage doors are lightweight, making them easy to maintain. Their downside, however, is that they are easy to dent with a short lifespan.

• Vinyl
Vinyl garage doors are cost-effective. They are also long-lasting, convenient, durable, and ideal for humid and coastal regions. Vinyl comes in different materials but the same color, meaning you won’t have to choose any specific color.

They can withstand harsh weather conditions, both hot and cold temperatures. The downside of vinyl is that you can’t repaint the door even if the color grows old. This is because the color comes from resin molding that cannot be changed.

An Energy Efficient Garage Door

No homeowner wants to pay huge energy bills when there are various options to cut down energy costs, such as installing energy-efficient garage doors.

When purchasing the garage door, you should consider an energy-efficient option that can save you money on energy bills in the long run. Consider buying an insulated door that can retain heat during cold months to use less heating.

Steel doors are the best option that offers proper insulation. They retain favorable temperatures no matter the outside temperatures. So, if your door does not insulate properly, you need to replace it because you will continue paying high energy bills.

Also, if you use the garage for more activities other than parking your car, insulation can keep the area comfortable for activities like a home gym, storage, or workshop. In this case, you will be able to use the garage and feel comfortable when in the garage. Below are the tips for choosing an energy-efficient garage door.

• The R-Value

R-value shows you how certain materials insulate and prevent heat loss. Consider getting a garage door with a higher R-value to enjoy greater insulation properties. The R-value depends on the door thickness, type of material, and insulation.

If you plan to choose a door based on the R-value, you should have an attached garage where you spend a lot of time. This will enable you to spend low energy costs no matter how long you spend there.

• The U-Value

U-Value shows you the effectiveness of the garage door in preventing heat loss. It tells you the amount of heat that goes through the entire door surface. Therefore, if you want to save money on energy bills, consider choosing a garage door with a lower U-Value. The U-Value determines the thickness and the thermal conductivity of the garage door material.

It is worth noting that both R-Value and U-Value are excellent indicators of the garage door’s thermal conductivity. Also, note that the garage doors can be single, double, or triple-layered. That is why you need to be careful when purchasing a garage door to make informed decisions. Check the features and components of each door before making the final choice.

Garage Door Installation

Once you purchase your garage door, it is imperative to know whether you will install it alone or hire a professional. If you plan to do it alone, you need to understand the installation techniques to guide you through the process. However, this may not be the best option, especially when you lack adequate skills. A poorly installed door can lead to many complications that can cost you more money in the long run. If you hire a professional to do the job (such as ourselves!), you can be sure of proper installation with no damages to the garage door or your property. Your family will also be safe from severe injuries that could even cause death.

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