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What Are The Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors?

A garage door may seem like a simple piece of your business, but it plays a crucial role in the safety, security, and functionality of your commercial space. We understand the importance of the right garage door for your business. Different industries have unique needs, and the vast array of commercial garage doors available today is a testament to that fact. Here, we will explore some of the common types of commercial garage doors and their benefits.

1. Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are among the most popular types of commercial garage doors. These are composed of several horizontal sections or panels that are hinged together and move vertically on tracks as the overhead garage door either opens or closes. Sectional doors provide reliable durability, high security, and excellent insulation, making them a good choice for businesses that need to maintain a certain temperature in their workspace. They also allow for easy repair since a damaged panel can be replaced without needing to replace the entire door.

2. Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors, also known as coiling doors, are perfect for businesses with limited space. They operate by coiling up into a compact box when opened, saving overhead space that other types of doors might occupy. These doors are known for their durability and ability to withstand heavy usage without affecting their functionality, making them ideal for commercial or industrial applications.


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3. Fire Rated Doors

As the name suggests, fire-rated doors are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. They are usually made from thick, durable steel and are equipped with advanced operating mechanisms that allow them to close automatically in case of fire. These doors are an excellent choice for businesses that deal with flammable materials or those located in areas with high fire risk.

4. Full View Aluminum Doors

Full-view aluminum doors offer a contemporary, stylish appearance alongside functionality. They are constructed with a combination of aluminum and glass, allowing natural light to flood in and providing an aesthetically pleasing view of the outdoors. This can enhance the work environment, particularly in showrooms, service stations, or car dealerships where product visibility is key.

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5. High-Speed Doors

In busy commercial environments, speed can be of the essence. High-speed garage doors are designed to open and close at rapid speeds, greatly improving the energy efficiency of high-traffic areas. They also reduce the amount of air that can escape, which can be particularly beneficial in temperature-sensitive environments like warehouses or food processing plants.

6. Scissor Gate Doors

For businesses that prioritize security, scissor gate doors are an excellent option. These doors consist of a cross-hatch patterned door that expands and collapses like a scissor. They’re often used in retail and commercial settings to provide added security during non-operating hours.

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7. Insulated Doors

Insulated garage doors are an ideal choice for businesses located in extreme weather conditions. They have an insulating layer between two steel panels that helps regulate the temperature within the garage, thereby reducing energy costs. These insulated commercial garage doors can be beneficial in a variety of settings, including warehouses, cold storage facilities, and other temperature-sensitive environments.

8. Counter Shutters

Counter shutters, or counter doors, are primarily used in commercial spaces where valuables are displayed or sold, such as in concession stands, ticket windows, or school cafeterias. These doors are designed to fit smaller openings and roll up into a box, similar to roll-up doors when they’re opened. They offer security and aesthetic appeal and are available in various materials including stainless steel, aluminum, or even wood.

9. Loading Dock Doors

Loading dock doors are specialized garage doors designed for loading docks at warehouses, factories, or any other establishments where goods are frequently loaded and unloaded. They can be of any type, like roll-up or sectional, but are often reinforced for extra durability to withstand the heavy-duty work environment. Some are equipped with dock seals or shelters to protect the interior from outdoor elements during loading and unloading.

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10. Pedestrian Pass Doors

For businesses with limited entry points or those wanting to reduce unnecessary garage door operation, pedestrian pass doors can be a great addition to commercial overhead doors. These are standard doors built into the garage door, allowing people to pass through without having to open the main door. They add convenience and can significantly save energy, particularly when you have a high-insulated commercial garage door.

11. Grill & Grate Doors

Grill and grate doors offer high visibility and security, making them a common choice for parking garages or retail stores. They allow air and light to flow through while keeping unauthorized people out. These doors can be manually operated or motorized, depending on the size and specific needs of your business.

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12. Specialty Doors

Specialty commercial doors refer to custom-built commercial garage doors that are specifically designed to fit unique business requirements. For instance, businesses may need large-size doors for heavy machinery access, doors with enhanced soundproofing for studios, or extra-tall doors for RV service centers. If you have unique requirements, a specialty door could be the solution.

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In commercial garage doors, having a reliable service provider is invaluable. Jolly Goat Garage Doors is a company that aims to provide comprehensive overhead door solutions for your business, ensuring that you have access to the best garage doors for your needs.

Not all businesses have the same demands when it comes to their garage doors. Some require high-speed doors to improve efficiency, or high-performance doors while others need high levels of insulation for temperature control. Some businesses may prioritize aesthetics, while for others, durability and strength are paramount.

Whatever your requirements, Jolly Goat Garage Doors is here to meet them. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is well-equipped to guide you through the process of choosing the right garage door for your commercial space.

Wide Range of Commercial Garage Doors

With Jolly Goat Garage Doors, you can explore a wide range of commercial garage doors, each designed to meet different business needs. Whether you’re looking for sectional doors, roll-up doors, fire-rated doors, full-view aluminum doors, or any other types of overhead doors we’ve mentioned before, we can provide them.

We also offer a range of specialty doors tailored to meet specific requirements. These could be oversized doors for large equipment, doors with special soundproofing properties for recording studios, or doors with enhanced security features for high-risk locations.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Installation of a commercial garage door requires professional expertise to ensure it operates correctly and safely. Our team at Jolly Goat Garage Doors has the skills and experience necessary to carry out these installations efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing that your commercial overhead door itself will function as expected.

Maintenance is another crucial aspect of commercial garage door ownership. Regular maintenance not only ensures the longevity of your door but also helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, which could disrupt your business operations. Our professionals are proficient in conducting routine check-ups rolling service doors, spotting potential issues, and fixing them before they become major problems.

Repair Services

In addition to installation and maintenance, Jolly Goat Garage Doors provides high-quality repair services. A malfunctioning garage door can significantly hinder your business’s operations. That’s why we offer fast and reliable repair services to get your business up and running again as quickly as possible.

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At Jolly Goat Garage Doors, we are committed to providing top-quality commercial garage doors and unparalleled service. We’re not just providing a product but peace of mind. You can trust us to deliver tailor-made solutions for your business, ensuring safety, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

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