The Benefits of Upgrading to a New Garage Door Opener

The Benefits of Upgrading to a New Garage Door Opener

When considering a home improvement project, upgrading the garage door opener is one often overlooked area that offers numerous benefits. While your already existing garage door opener might still be functional, technology has advanced rapidly, making the new models more convenient, secure, and energy-efficient. Let’s explore the benefits of upgrading for those considering a garage door opener installation.

1. Enhanced Security

Modern garage door openers, especially those from LiftMaster, come equipped with advanced security features:

  • Rolling Code Technology: This changes the access code each time the remote is used, making it almost impossible for potential intruders to hack.

  • Secure Locking: LiftMaster models offer options like automatic garage door locking to secure your garage when you forget.

2. Improved Safety

Safety is paramount, and LiftMaster’s cutting-edge sensors and mechanisms help these safety sensors prevent accidents:

  • Obstruction Sensors: These detect if anything is in the path of a closing garage door and reverse the motion, protecting pets, children, and belongings.

  • Battery Backup: In case of a power outage, the backup battery ensures you can still open and close your garage door.

3. Smart Technology Integration

Liftmaster smart technology

The integration of smart technology sets modern LiftMaster openers apart:

  • Smartphone Control: With a LiftMaster garage door opener installation, you can control and monitor your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone.

  • Integration with Smart Home Systems: Many LiftMaster models can be integrated into existing smart home ecosystems, allowing for voice control and more.

4. Quieter Operation

Older garage door openers can be noisy. LiftMaster offers belt-drive systems that provide whisper-quiet operation, a boon if you have living spaces near the topmost garage door openers.

5. Energy Efficiency

LiftMaster’s modern garage door openers are designed to consume less power, contributing to a greener environment and possibly lowering your energy bills.

6. Aesthetic Appeal

A sleek and stylish LiftMaster garage door opener not only functions exceptionally but adds a touch of modern elegance to your garage’s appearance.

Cost Factors To Replace Garage Door Opener

1. Type of Opener

Different types of garage door openers come with varying price tags. For example, chain-drive popular garage door openers might be less expensive than belt-drive or screw-drive models. Specifically, with Jolly Goat Garage Doors offering the LiftMaster brand, the type and model will affect the cost.

2. Features

Modern openers come with an array of features like smart technology, battery backup, remote control, security enhancements, and quiet operation. The more features included, the higher the cost might be.

3. Professional Installation

most garage door openers should be professionals

Professional garage door opener installation ensures proper alignment, safety compliance, and optimal functionality of a new opener. The cost of labor may vary based on the complexity of the installation and the region.

4. Removal and Disposal of Old Opener

Some companies may charge extra for removing most garage doors and disposing of the old garage door opener. It’s a good idea to inquire about this cost when getting a quote.

5. Required Repairs or Adjustments

If additional repairs or adjustments are needed, such as fixing mounting brackets or rewiring, this could add to the cost of replacement.

6. Warranty

Some garage door openers come with extended warranties or service plans, which might increase the initial cost but provide long-term savings and peace of mind.

Garage Ceiling opener

7. Accessories

Extra accessories like additional, remote control included, controls, keypads, or improved lighting systems might add to the cost.

8. Location

The cost of both the garage door opener and the installation can vary by location, reflecting differences in labor rates, market demand, and other regional factors.

Types of Garage Door Openers

Choosing the right type of garage door opener is essential for the smooth operation of your garage door system. The type of opener you select will affect the door’s speed, noise level, maintenance requirements, and cost. Here’s a guide to the most common types of garage door openers, including those available through the LiftMaster brand, to help you make an informed decision.

1. Chain Drive Opener

  • How They Work: These use a metal chain to drive the trolley and open or close the door.

  • Pros: Generally more affordable, reliable, and commonly used.

  • Cons: They tend to be noisier, making them less suitable for garages attached to living areas.

2. Belt-Drive Openers

  • How They Work: Instead of a chain, a rubber belt is used, providing similar functionality but quieter operation.

  • Pros: Quieter and smoother than chain-drive openers, ideal for attached garages.

  • Cons: Generally more expensive than chain-drive models.

3. Screw-Drive Opener

Screw driven openers
  • How They Work: These utilize a threaded steel rod to move the trolley. As the rod rotates, the trolley moves, opening or closing the door.

  • Pros: They have fewer moving parts, which can mean less maintenance.

  • Cons: They can be noisier and slower than belt-drive models and may be affected by temperature fluctuations.

4. Jackshaft Opener

  • How They Work: Mounted on the wall next to the garage door, jackshaft openers turn the torsion bar to open and close the door.

  • Pros: Saves ceiling space, is quiet, and may be suitable for garages with high or low ceilings.

  • Cons: More expensive and may require professional installation.

5. Direct-Drive Opener

Direct-Drive Opener unit
  • How They Work: The motor itself moves along a chain, which means only one moving part in the entire system.

  • Pros: Quiet operation and often comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor.

  • Cons: May be more expensive than traditional chain-drive models.

6. Smart Opener: Clickers, Remotes, or Keypads

  • How They Work: Integrated with smart garage control technology, these openers allow you to control and monitor your garage door through a smartphone or other smart devices.

  • Pros: Enhances convenience and security, and offers features like remote access.

  • Cons: Typically more expensive and may require a stable Wi-Fi connection.


Each type of garage door opener has unique benefits and drawbacks, and the best choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. At Jolly Goat Garage Doors, we specialize in offering LiftMaster garage door openers, known for their quality and reliability. Our team will happily guide you through the options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your very best garage door openers. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step toward a smoother, more efficient garage door experience.

Common Symptoms and Solutions for Garage Door Openers

Symptom: The Remote Works But the Wall Switch Doesn’t

This may indicate an issue with the switch itself or the switch wires. Try replacing the wall and switch wires to see if that resolves the issue. If not, consult a professional garage door service.

Symptom: You Have Power to the Outlet, But There’s No Sound or No Lights When You Push the Wall Switch and Remotes

This could be a sign of a circuit board failure. Circuit boards can be sensitive to power surges and age. It might be time to replace the circuit board, a task best left to a professional specializing in garage door opener installation and repairs.

Symptom: Everything Works Fine Except the Lights

Open Garage Door

First, check the bulbs and replace them if necessary. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, there may be a problem with the electrical circuit responsible for the lights, requiring professional intervention.

Symptom: The Trolley Carriage Moves But the Garage Door Doesn’t Open

This may be due to a broken trolley carriage or a disconnected carriage handle. If the trolley carriage is broken, it will need to be replaced. If it’s a disconnected handle, you may be able to reconnect it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way: Check the Chain Tension

If the garage door doesn’t open fully, the chain tension may be too tight or too loose. Adjusting the chain tension according to the opener’s manual might resolve the problem.

Garage Door Won’t Close: Adjust the Travel of the Door

If the garage door won’t close fully, adjusting the travel settings on the opener can often solve the problem. Refer to the opener’s manual for guidance on making these adjustments.

Symptom: The Opener Makes a Grinding Noise But the Door Doesn’t Move

Listen to your garage door when it opens and closes

A grinding noise without movement often indicates that the main gear is failing. Replacing the main gear is a complex task that requires special tools and expertise, so contacting a garage door professional is typically the best course of action.

While some minor issues can be addressed with simple troubleshooting, others might require professional assistance. Always consult the manual for your specific garage door opener, and when in doubt, reach out to a professional garage door service like Jolly Goat Garage Doors

How Long Does A Garage Door Opener Last?

The lifespan of a garage door opener can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of opener, how often it’s used, how well it’s maintained, the quality of the installation, and even environmental factors.

On average, a garage door opener may last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Some openers might last longer with minimal issues, particularly if they are well-maintained and not subjected to extreme conditions.

Is LiftMaster a good garage door opener?

LiftMaster is widely recognized as a reliable and high-quality brand for garage door openers. Known for their durability, performance, and advanced features, LiftMaster offers a range of models to suit various needs and budgets. With options including chain-drive, belt-drive, and smart technology integration, LiftMaster provides solutions that are often praised for their quiet operation, safety enhancements, and ease of use.

Get extra features with liftmaster

Their smart garage door openers are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings, and many users appreciate the professional support and warranty options that accompany LiftMaster products. Choosing a LiftMaster garage door opener often means investing in a product that combines innovation, quality, and trusted service, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners and professionals.

At Jolly Goat Garage Doors, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient garage door system. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a Liftmaster garage door opener or need expert guidance on repairs and maintenance, our dedicated team is here to serve the Oklahoma City area and surrounding communities. With our focus on quality products, professional installation, and exceptional customer service, we’re committed to making your garage door experience seamless and satisfying.

Contact us today, and let’s work together to enhance your garage’s safety, functionality, and aesthetics. We look forward to being your trusted partner in all things garage doors!

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