Should You Switch from Extension Springs to Torsion Springs?

Should You Switch from Extension Springs to Torsion Springs?

When it comes to your garage door system, the parts play an integral role in how well it holds up over time. You want a unit that can withstand the rigors of your daily life without needing frequent maintenance and repairs that unnecessarily interrupt your routine. One critical piece of the puzzle is the springs used when your door opens and closes. The wrong spring here can cause you a world of headaches down the road if you aren’t careful. 

Tension and extension springs are the two most common options for your garage door. However, if you’ve found that your garage has utilized extension springs and hasn’t met your expectations, here are some reasons why you should consider switching to a torsion option. 

The Differences Between Extension to Torsion Springs

Before you can answer the question, “should I switch from extension to torsion springs” you should know the differences between these components. Extension springs fully expand and contract every time they get used. For a spring that only has up to 10,000 cycles before you should replace it, the extra wear and tear can make it more difficult to maintain properly. Additionally, they can make a jerking motion when used, affecting how smoothly the door operates. 

Torsion springs offer homeowners a better mix of longevity, smooth operation, and less wear and tear on supporting components. These pieces can help your garage door become less of a headache and require less frequent maintenance and repairs, keeping your day humming along at its usual pace. Here are some of the ways that torsion springs differ from extension:

Sturdier Construction

Torsion springs are built to last and, when properly maintained, can last upwards of 20,000 cycles. Their construction allows them to withstand more frequent usage better and can become one less headache you must worry about. 

Easier to Maintain

While extension springs have multiple parts that require service at any given time, torsion springs are a single piece of equipment located above the door. Systems using extension springs have one on each side of the door, opening the door for more frequent maintenance and repairs. 

Safer Options

Even with longer life cycles, torsion springs will eventually wear out, and you will need to replace them. However, unlike extension springs, they don’t operate under the same intense pressure and open environment. The break can be unexpectedly violent when something goes wrong with an extension spring. In either event, our garage door spring repair specialists in Oklahoma City, OK, can assist right away. 

Smoother Operation

Every homeowner wants a garage door that’s relatively nice and quiet. Loud noises and jerky motions can quickly ruin your morning calm and disrupt your family and neighbors. Extension springs are more prone to noisier operations due to the pent-up energy in the components. However, a torsion spring operates under much less pressure and utilizes a twisting motion that better distributes the stored energy and makes for a smoother opening and closing. 

Let Jolly Goat Garage Doors Help You Make the Switch!

If you’ve decided that you should switch from extension springs to torsion springs, it’s time to get the right team to handle the job. Jolly Goat Garage Doors has helped countless homeowners get the system their home deserves and ensure they have a smooth installation from start to finish. Our expertly trained residential garage door installers in Oklahoma City, OK, can quickly install your new torsion springs and get your system up and running in no time. 

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